Getting Research Done with Evernote

Once upon a time there was Getting Things Done – David Allen’s best-seller showing you how to better organize and manage your life. Then, all kinds of apps popped up promising Getting Things Done (GTD) nirvana. I’ve spent countless hours learning how to use several of these “amazing” apps only to find they don’t fit my style or required more effort than I was willing to invest.

Evernote book coverThen along came Evernote. It lets me build my own system and, because it’s on my desktop, my iPad and my phone, it’s always there when I need it.

According to Daniel Gold, Evernote gives you the opportunity to build your own GTD infrastructure that lets you get things done the way that best suits you. His book, Evernote: The unofficial guide to capturing everything and getting things done, doesn’t try to dictate but rather provides you with lots of great information on using Evernote to improve your workflow. It’s short, sweet and full of useful ideas you can use to improve your research efforts.

Gold’s Evernote guide is available at Kindle and NOOK stores for $5.00.

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