Personal Publishing Resources

The publishing world is in turmoil as ebooks revolutionize not only how we read, but how we publish. The commercial publishing world is being turned upside down as people find they can successfully publish and market their own books. For us in the genealogy and family history arena, it means we now have very affordable ways to share our family history well beyond our immediate family. Regardless of your goals – from a simple biographical sketch to a scanned collection of family ephemera to a full-blown family history – there are a growing number of opportunities to publish your project. And the best thing about it all . . . you are in control.

That’s the good news. The rest of the story is changing almost daily. That’s actually good news too, but it’s just hard to keep up. I’m building a resource section here at the Gazette to support your personal publishing efforts. It connects you with useful articles posted here as well as resource pages and other reference material. It is and will be a work in process so I hope you’ll stop by occasionally to see what’s new.

The Personal Publishing section is always available from the top menu bar at the Gazette.

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