Scribd for eReading

If you haven’t visited Scribd lately, now could be a good time. Celebration Cafe has a collection of publications full of Christmas craft ideas just waiting for you. Random House has pulled together a collection of holiday recipes from their many books and made them available to all. (The Chocolate-Pecan-Bourbon Pie caught my eye right away.)

One thing I hadn’t noticed until recently is the addition of a Mobile button on the document screen. It facilitates moving a Scribd document to an e-reading device.

scribd120.pngOnce you click on the Mobile button, you will be presented with a pane showing reader options similar to the one below. In this example I’ve already got several of my mobile devices and readers set up. All I need to do is click the button for the device I want.

scribd121.pngConfiguring a new device is easy. Just click Select for the device you want and complete the settings pane that appears. The one below shows the Kindle settings pane.


Kindle users take advantage of Kindle’s Personal Documents Service to send Scribd publications to their readers. The settings pane includes instructions on how to set that up. In this case, you will need to include as an approved email address in your Personal Documents settings.

Each device has its own settings along with additional instructions for moving a Scribd document to that device. Not all are as simple as the Kindle. Some just initiate a download process which is the first step in a manual transfer.

One last point . . . Just about every reading device can read PDF documents, however the formatted size of the publication will have a significant impact on the reading experience. Trying to read a PDF document formatted with an 8½ x 11-inch page size on a 6-inch screen won’t be fun. If you use Scribd as a personal archive and publishing platform [see The Personal Archive: Scribd], you may want to plan any publishing projects with reading devices in mind. I’ve got some layout tips here with more coming soon.

Scribd continues to provide a quality document management service with many great archival and organizational features. As they build out support for mobile devices, it adds publishing functionality that makes it easy to distribute family history publications to even the most digitally-challenged family member. Take a look at Scribd’s mobile publishing features and see how you can put them to use in your personal publishing efforts. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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