Emailing Kindles

The Kindle (Fire, Touch, app, whatever) appears to be the hit gift for this Christmas. This is great news for family historians because it means you can reach out to even the most digitally-challenged member of the family through their Kindle. Earlier, I wrote about Kindle’s Personal Document Service. Yesterday, Amazon updated the Kindle app for iOS and it now includes access to the Personal Document Service. iPad/iPhone users will see a notice identifying their device’s Kindle address once they’ve updated.

Take advantage of your family get-togethers through the holidays to collect the Kindle addresses for your family members. You’ll also need to tell them to add your email address to their list of authorized contributors. With luck, by New Years you should be able to “publish” directly to those Kindles with one email message.

To manage your personal document library, use your browser to log into your Amazon account. Click on Your Digital Items just above the shopping cart icon at the top right side of the screen. When the new screen appears, click on Manage Your Kindle. Now a screen appears showing your library of Kindle books. In the left sidebar, under Your Kindle Account, click on Personal Document Settings. A screen similar to this one appears.



As you can see, I have both an iPad and a Kindle reader registered in my Amazon account. Many families have multiple devices registered to a single Amazon account. Each device has its own email address. Kindle automatically assigns a generic address (like but you can edit it so it’s something easier to remember. Further down the screen you see the list of email addresses that are approved to forward documents to your Kindle devices/apps. Notice the address. Scribd has been very proactive about working with e-readers so this allows me to easily send Scribd documents straight to my Kindle. Notice that you can add and delete addresses at any time.

Look for design information and project ideas to take advantage of this publishing opportunity here at the Gazette. Now that most all my family is Kindle-connected, I’ll be working on lots of projects to share our family’s history with them.


2 thoughts on “Emailing Kindles

  1. Thank you for such an informative article, Denise. You are just a wealth of good information. I learn something terrific from you many times each week. My husband and I each have a new Kindle and I’m interested in learning all these little tips about it. You’re such a good writer—I really need the step-by-step instructions, along with your screen-shot images. Thanks so much!


    1. Denise Barrett Olson

      Becky, thank you for the kind words. I’m delighted at how all the e-readers are taking off as they can be a great way for family historians to tell their stories. I’ll be talking about how we can take advantage of their potential a lot in the new year.


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