Build your own bookstore at provides so many services for the family publisher that often many of them get left out of the conversation. One of those is the author’s store – more commonly known as the author spotlight. If you are using to publish your family history projects and have more than one publication, learning how to customize and advertise your books in your store will make it a whole lot easier for others to find them. Right now there are more than 283 pages just listing books matching a “genealogy” search. Chances are good your book is buried somewhere in the middle of that stack. Having a bookstore makes things a whole lot easier – just give your family and other interested prospects the link to your spotlight page.

Everyone who has published in has a store. They call it the “author’s spotlight” and you’ll find a link to it just under the author’s name on any book page. The example above shows what an untouched author page looks like. Notice the customization tools available at the top of the screen. With a bit of effort and a little imagination, this unimpressive screen can become a welcoming place that gives your published works the emphasis they deserve.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at Thomas MacEntee’s store. This page is very inviting and makes you happy to hang out and browse through the publications he has offered. And, he’s included links to his web sites so you’ll know where to go to learn more.

One more advantage . . . the link to a spotlight page is much shorter than the link to any individual book page. You’ll find Thomas at

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