Tech Notes

This week’s collection of interesting tech tips and news:

  • Microsoft has released OneNote Mobile for Android which will sync with your desktop version of OneNote via SkyDrive. There is also an iOS version of OneNote available. Both editions are free, but there is an in-app purchase necessary to access more than basic functions.
  • This week’s Calibre update includes a function that checks for duplicate titles when you auto-add new books. In addition, you can now configure the calibre settings for the currently connected device by right clicking on the device icon in the toolbar, instead of having to go through Preferences->Plugins.
  • Vonage Mobile for iPhone and Android lets you call and text other Vonage Mobile users at no cost. You can also call Vonage “land lines” for free. Like Skype, it runs as a service on your phone and when first installed, it can go through your contacts to determine which land lines are Vonage customers. You can also buy credits for calling non-Vonage phones at a very reasonable price.
  • Evernote updated the Mac desktop edition with a redesigned note panel, better tables, easier checklists and more. Get the details at their TechBlog.
  • Do you need to fill in a PDF form? Not every PDF form is a “fillable” form – built to be filled in. Fortunately, most of today’s mobile PDF reader apps include the ability to place text boxes onto a PDF document. If yours does, then you can use it to complete your form. Before you get too carried away, however, check to see if your app will let you flatten the form and/or save your annotations with the form. You’ll need these capabilities in order to send your completed forms to others. Oh, and with a bit of practice (okay, a lot of practice) I am now able to “write” a creditable version of my signature with my finger.
  • The guys at Digging into WordPress have released version 3.3 of their fabulous guide. If you aren’t familiar with this book, buying the PDF edition gets you lifetime updates when new upgrades of WordPress are released. This edition of the book includes through the WordPress 3.3 upgrade. If you already own the book, you should have received an email with the announcement and instructions for downloading.
  • James Tanner has a great article on QR codes over at Family Search’s Tech Tips blog. If you’re wondering what those funny little squares full of dots do, James has your answer.

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