Evernote on the Road

My love affair with Evernote continues – this time it’s been a valuable tool as we prepare for a big family vacation. This family trip involves multiple groups in multiple locations converging at the same point and requires more than the usual amount of planning and coordination. Evernote is perfect for that.

During the planning stage, we’ve used a shared folder to forward information on sites, events and even restaurants that look interesting. It’s a whole lot easier to have all this information in one location instead of trying to keep up with a constant barrage of round-robin emails. Now, as departure day approaches, checklists, contact information, travel itineraries, confirmations and other useful minutiae are all getting stashed in the trip folder so everyone will know who’s doing what and where they’re supposed to be at any given time.

One last feature that will come in mighty handy is the offline notebook available to premium users with iOS devices. Using this feature, I can designate our trip folder as an offline folder and Evernote will store the contents of the folder on my iPad. Yes, I will still need a connection to sync changes, but it means I’ll have the critical information available on my iPad while traveling.

This could also become a trip diary of sorts by emailing photos from camera phones, adding voice notes and even photographing or scanning brochures and other memorabilia as we go. Once we get home it can all be exported to HTML. I haven’t tried an export yet.

This could be quite interesting. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Evernote on the Road

  1. Denise, you are just a wealth of information on everything useful. I’m very ignorant about a lot of this, but you’re teaching me! Can you tell me what it means to “export it to HTML”? How would that come out-and where–and in what form?


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