Give your book a page on your blog

As more and more family historians take advantage of today’s self-publishing opportunities to publish our family stories, we are discovering we’re doing more than just researching and writing. We are also editing our projects, doing the layout and designing covers. Even when we hire others to help us, we are still the publisher responsible for all these efforts. We determine how it’s going to be published and the booksellers where we will place them. And, we’re responsible for the marketing effort too. Whew! Now you know why there’s so many genea-bloggers.

Whether your project is a family history or a genealogy how-to, any project should include a book page on your blog. There are several very good reasons for this:

  • When you are offering your publication for sale, you will probably make it available in multiple formats (for example: print, PDF, Kindle, NOOK and ePub) and have it posted at several online book stores. Use your book page to show the available formats and to provide links to your book at each bookstore.
  • Links included in books, even digital books, can’t be updated, and as we all know, web content is always changing. Use your book page to maintain links to outside references or resources so you can easily keep them updated when research or technology changes. Since your book page will remain in one place, you just link to it from within your book and your book page will always provide your readers with current information.
  • A book page helps insulate you from the upheavals between publishers, booksellers and other “traditional” components of the publishing industry. Recent news stories report that some online sellers have refused ebooks because they include links to their competitors. Apparently the refused books included promotions for other books by the author and included links to those booksellers. Go ahead and use your current book to promote your other books – just link back to those book pages on your blog and from there you can link to whoever you want.
  • If you are a genea-blogger – someone using a blog to support your family research efforts – having book pages for each of your publishing projects keeps all of your genealogy efforts centralized in one location. Not only will it help make it easier for research cousins to find you, but it will immediately put all your research and publishing efforts in their face once they get there.

Yes, a family history publishing project is a big effort, but the rewards are well worth it. And, today’s apps and services help keep the drudge to a minimum. Your blog is research central and, by maintaining pages for each of your published projects, you add value to both your blog and your publications.

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