Found Ephemera – Stampington & Company

Stampington & Company is the force behind the Somerset family of art publications including Somerset Memories and Somerset Life.  They also have a lovely online shoppe full of both physical and digital goods.

They have created an online marketplace of digital ephemera for use in collage and scrapbooking projects. These delightful collections are much smaller than the standard scrapbook kit, but the graphics themselves are much more creative than you might expect. There are labels ranging from French toiletries to luggage, old postcards, advertisements, sheets from old Vogue pattern books and much more. Prices range from $1 to $5.

One very nice thing about these collections is their terms of use. It’s quite short and simple:

These files can be used digitally or printed out an unlimited number of times. – You may use any of the images that you purchase in artwork that you sell, however you may not sell or distribute the image files themselves.

This means you can use these delicious collections in family history projects without having to worry about stepping over a usage boundary. And, you’re not required to pay extra just because you may make your published project available for sale.

Stop by the e-crafting marketplace at Stampington and see for yourself. If you’re like me, you will probably see something that sends you digging into your own family ephemera collection. Little did I know that the old pattern book I have dragged around for years could be the backdrop for a family history project . . .

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