Tech Notes – 29 June 2012

Tropical storm Debby kept things wet and blustery much of the week, and while the rain has helped ease our drought problems we are glad to say goodbye to her. There’s still lots of interesting tech news to report so let’s get started.

Apple has finally released a podcast app [iOS – free] although Lifehacker prefers Downcast [iOS – $1.99] and I can see why. Kindle Fire and other Android devices can take advantage of BeyondPod [Android – free and $6.99] which supports both audio and video podcasts and integrates Google Reader as well. TuneIn Radio fans [iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows Phone – free and $.99] know that it supports podcasts as well as radio. Did you know that TuneIn Radio is also available on your Roku box? Love it!

More ebook-building goodness with the addition of Folium Studio. You can build beautiful ebooks yourself or let them do it – all at a very reasonable price. It’s an online platform so this solution works for all users.

While we’re discussing book projects . . . Lynn Palermo, the Armchair Genealogist, has produced a great video as part of her Blog to Book project that shows how to structure your blog to support the book.

TextExpander [Mac – $34.99]  has upgraded their desktop edition with tons of new features. Unfortunately, Apple’s new restrictions has forced them out of the Mac App Store. The update from version 3 to version 4 is $15. The iOS version of TextExpander [$4.99] is still available in the app store.

Mac|Life has a great article on how to create a journal using iPhoto on the iPad/iPhone. This is my favorite feature on iPhoto and this article is a great overview on how the journal works. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available on the desktop version.

Here’s a hands-on look at the new Facebook plugin for WordPress (self-hosted) sites via @DearMYRTLE.

Skype users should find these Mashable tips useful.

Save A Grave sends us to a very special National Geographic program on Arlington at Netflix

While you’ll always find the best genealogy reads at Moultrie Creek Books, you might also find Caroline Pointer’s Family History Book Club a fun way to find interesting books and share your thoughts on them with others.

You may already be aware that I am a big Twitter fan. I think Twitter a fabulous news source and the growing number of apps that turn tweets into gorgeous reading experiences all agree with me too. The Twitter posts you see here are totally functional. If you are a Twitter user, you can follow, retweet or respond to any of the tweets included in this post. If you’re not a Twitter user, grab a copy of The Twitter Book and go sign up today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Keep the people of Colorado in your prayers as they battle these awful fires. A donation to The Salvation Army or Red Cross will help assist the tens of thousands who have been forced from their homes.



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