Tech Notes – 6 July 2012

Summer’s here and from now thru September you’re most likely to find me in my favorite chair – which just so happens to be located right under an air-conditioning vent. Fortunately, the wi-fi signal is very strong there too.

Apparently it’s the DRM Apple adds to each app that’s causing the problem. I’m waiting for an “all clear” before I install any updates or new apps.

DNSchanger hits Monday. Have you checked your system yet to see if you’ll be affected? Follow Paul’s link to TeleRead for information on how to check and how to clean your computer if it is one of those affected.

By the way . . . Caroline has introduced a video tutorial library at her 4YourFamilyStory site. It’s high on my list of things to do this weekend.

This is just part of the conversations this week related to genealogy conferences. Y’all know I’m promoting virtual conferences as an affordable option.

Over at the Cottage blog, there’s a scrumptious (literally) article on photographing food – along with some scrapbook ideas for showing them off. I challenge you not to drool as you read the article. You’ll also find even more food goodness over at The Family Curator with Denise’s article on Preserving Old Cookbooks.

Great article from MacWorld on how to present from your iPad.

ResearchBUZZ does:

Just barely, hon. And speaking as someone who’s been watching all this silliness since 1994, Google is going down the same road as AltaVista, only with better special effects. What may save it is the fact that AltaVista only had eggs in a few baskets. Google: lots of eggs, lots of baskets, lots of money, probably too big and too critical to the social and actual infrastructure of the Internet to fail. That doesn’t mean that it can’t diminish. That having been said, I’m thrilled that Google does things that end up being huge failures. What’s the point of having a market cap of over 190 billion dollars if you don’t have the pinwheels to occasionally try ridiculous stuff? It’s the overfocus on advertising, and the cramming of ads into search results, that I object to…


New features include longer battery life and built-in camera with one-touch sharing to Facebook. The phone costs $99 and the service is $15/month. Details at GreatCall.

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