Found Ephemera: Obsidian Dawn

Obsidian Dawn is a digital design studio offering gorgeous graphical elements with both reasonable prices and terms of use. You will find most of her packages can be downloaded for free, but I would recommend going for the commercial licenses (a whopping $3.00 per package) if you’re planning any kind of book project you may put up for sale.

You will find many delightful packages ranging from brushes, shapes and patterns that can be used in Photoshop/Photoshop Elements to vectors for use in illustration apps to images that can be used just about anywhere. And, if you don’t know what these things are, there are also tutorials explaining everything. Here are just a few examples of the goodness you’ll find at Obsidian Dawn. Stop by and see what else is waiting for you there.

Brushes are the digital version of rubber stamps, only more versatile.
Patterns can be used to create background for slides or scrapbook pages.
Shapes can be used as frames, clipart and more.
Stock images – especially PNGs with transparent backgrounds – have tons of uses in all kinds of projects.

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