Conversational Twitter

Yes, I’ll admit I’m a devoted Twitter fan. Just when I think I’ve seen everything Twitter can do, someone comes up with yet another use for it. Actually, this isn’t a new use, but it is an effective one. I’m talking about the Twitter Chat. A Twitter chat is a conversation about a specific topic held at a specific time using Twitter as the chat platform. We in the genea-community have been doing a rough sort of Twitter chat during live conferences where the attendees share their experiences with those of us who can’t attend. Why not put it to work on a day-to-day basis to organize regularly-scheduled chats?

How do you create a Twitter chat? You simply set a date, a topic and a hashtag then invite everyone interested to attend. At the appointed time, kick off the chat with a tweet that gets the conversation started. Participants need to set up a saved search for the chat’s hashtag and include that hashtag in each of their tweets. That insures everyone can follow the chat. The conversation can include comments and opinions, replies to other’s tweet, links to related sources and even photos.

To kick things off, I invite you to join me tomorrow (Sunday, July 22nd) beginning at 3:00 pm EDT. The hashtag for the chat is #gnotes and this week’s topic is Twitter – how you use it, your favorite client and any tips you have. It should be an interesting conversation and I hope to see you then!

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