EverClip [iOS – $1.99] is an amazing app that will allow you to clip anything on your iStuff and send it to Evernote. Reading a book in one of your book apps? Copy a passage and send it to Evernote in seconds. Browsing a web site? Reading a PDF? Cruising your notes? It can copy text and images from any of your apps. All you have to do is start EverClip and leave it running in the background. Select and copy something from any of your favorite apps then switch back to EverClip and you’ll find that clipping waiting for you to send it on to Evernote. It’s that easy!

EverClip will work on both your iPad and iPhone, but it is sized to the iPhone. That doesn’t affect its functionality.

The $1.99 price is an introductory offer. I don’t know how long it will last or what the “normal” price will be. It’s already paid for itself on my iThings.


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