Day One Journaling

While my life-long fascination for paper notebooks, journals and day planners has abated somewhat, I am becoming addicted to their digital equivalents. I keep Notebooks and Penultimate busy on my iPad, but its the journaling apps that are really getting my attention. I love MacJournal for long-form writing and have it on both my Mac and my iPad. I’m finding, however, that another app is quickly becoming my go-to app for documenting the things happening in my world – as they happen. That app is Day One.

Day One on the iPhone. Photo courtesy the Day One blog.

What makes Day One so special? It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s with me all the time and it’s affordable. There’s a Day One app for the Mac desktop and a universal iOS app. Both cost $4.99 so for less than $10 I have the app on my desk, my iPad and my iPhone. I can take pictures right from the app or pull them in from my library. With one tap I can document the weather at the time I created an entry and another tap will set my location. Day One supports dictation – handy when I’m creating a note on my iPhone. And, all of these notes from all of my devices are collected and synchronized in my choice of cloud platforms – iCloud or Dropbox.

This app gives me the ability to capture moments using the iPhone’s camera and a quick note yet also provides for longer, more thoughtful journaling on the desktop or iPad. It’s a delight to use and is right there whenever I want it.

Day One can import from and export to MacJournal and Momento formats and provides password protection for your journals. The backup function can be set up in Preferences to automatically perform backups on a schedule you specify and to a location you choose. At this time journals are not encrypted, but the developers have noted that they are currently working on that feature.

The combination of simplicity, availability and affordability make it easy to document both our daily activities and our thoughts with apps like Day One. As a result, we can leave behind a rich history that our descendants will treasure.

Day One app for the Mac

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