Evernote for Pictures?

Have you ever considered Evernote as a photo-sharing archive? Sure we’ve all stashed screenshots and images from web clippings in Evernote, but actually using it to store photos? Not so much.

Maybe it’s time to re-think that. One busy father uses Evernote to keep his home life organized. Since his iPhone is his primary camera, it’s just as easy to send his photos to Evernote as it is to send them to any other photo-sharing site. Evernote’s search capabilities make it easy to find a specific picture. He uses the EverPicture app [iOS – $1.99] to make uploading even easier. It also serves as a photo frame to display Evernote pictures and can even present them as a slideshow. Android users might take a look at ZeroPC Photo Connect [Android – free] which connects with Evernote and several cloud storage apps.

While I’m not about to exchange my current photo archive for Evernote, it’s nice to know these photo-sharing features exist. I already use it to capture photos of craft, gardening and decorating ideas so they’re easily found when I want them. It’s especially helpful when more than one person is involved in the decision-making process. Having those pictures handy when we’re in a store looking at yet another option often helps speed the decision-making process along.

Evernote never ceases to amaze and this is just another reason why it is so useful.

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