Scrivener Tip: Managing Project Ideas

Scrivener was designed to organize and manage writing projects. It also does a great job of organizing and managing your ideas for writing projects.


I’ve got a Scrivener project called BookNotes that I use to stash writing project ideas along with any notes, supporting research or files. In the Barrett folder you see here, I’ve only got note cards on the Corkboard with ideas. The Barker folder you see in the Binder is a project idea that’s getting fleshed out some but still isn’t ready to become its own Scrivener project. Right now it’s got a bit of an outline, but it’s mostly full of todo items regarding needed research.

Scrivener is a great place to stash your ideas for writing projects along with the bits and pieces associated with them. You might have a folder just for brainstorming project ideas. When you’re ready to develop that idea a bit more, move it into its own folder. At this point, you might want to give it a folder in Research too. Once you’ve decided you want to carry this idea forward, create a project for it and move your notes to it.


Exporting is easy. Just select the folder (Barker in this example) you want to export then choose the File > Export command. I use the Rich Text With Attachments option. Now open your new project file and Import these files into it. Using this example, I will wind up with a Barker folder inside the new project’s Draft folder with the notes and other files I selected for the export. Once in the new project file, I can rearrange them to suit my needs.

I’ve seen several discussions where the writers were using Scrivener to manage blog articles. I could see it for family history blogging where you were organizing a series around a family group or building a family history on your blog, but I found the workflow described to get the article from Scrivener to the blog out-weighed its organizational value – for me anyway. I’ll stick to Evernote as my favorite blog management.

Now, if they just had a version for the iPad . . . Wait! there’s one in development right now!



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