Flickr’s Aviary photo editor

Aviary01Aviary is the online photo editor in Flickr. It replaced Picnik after it was pulled by Google. With its simple toolbar, you might think its a very simple editor – and it is. It’s quite simple to use, but does a very nice job of performing the most common photo-editing chores.


You’ll find Aviary in the photo’s Action menu. Once open, you’ll see this simple toolbar across the top of your image. The toolbar is simple, but the tools are quite impressive. I started by clicking the Enhance icon.

Another toolbar appears allowing me to choose what I want to enhance. I chose the Balance button. As you can see, it toned down the colors a bit. Once I’m happy with my photo, I’ll click Apply. Some controls, like these in the Enhance area, are automatic. Others will present a slider so you can adjust how much brightness, contrast or saturation you want. You can crop and rotate your photo, add stickers and even text. There is also a section offering some interesting effects.


When you’re done, hit the Save button and Aviary gives you the option to replace the original photo or save this as a new copy. You can add or update the photo’s title, description, tags and visibility from here too.

Aviary seems much more responsive than the previous editor and its simplicity doesn’t mean its lacking the tools necessary to clean up your photos. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just right for any basic editing I may want to do online. If I’m planning anything more sophisticated, I’ll use my desktop’s editor for those chores.

Oh, and if you like it on Flickr, you can also put it on your phone. It’s a free app available for both iOS and Android.

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