A look at Branch

As I mentioned in Friday’s Tech Notes, there is a new platform focused on conversations – Branch. I requested and received an invite and this morning – thanks to Lynn Palermo – I found a great topic to start a conversation. In Lynn’s Monday Morning Mentions she spotlighted an article by Sharon Lippincott (The Heart and Craft of Life Writing) discussing the difference between story and personal essay. Who could resist that? Not me!

So, I have taken advantage of the moment to both start a conversation and to see how well Branch will handle it. It’s my understanding that during Branch’s public beta period, you can participate in a conversation by being invited – by anyone already in the conversation – or by following the Twitter link announcing it (see below). If that doesn’t work, tweet me @moultriecreek and I’ll send you an invite.


Branch lets you embed a conversation into your blog – you see this one below – and should update itself in real-time as new opinions are added. If you want to add your opinions/ideas about Branch in this conversation, they would be very welcome also.

<a href=”http://branch.com/b/monday-morning-mentions”>Monday Morning Mentions</a>

2 thoughts on “A look at Branch

  1. Hey all, thanks for the link love and even more, the book love! I see a lot of fascinating things on your site here, that I had not known about before.

    BTW, I’m trying to think of a gracious way of pointing out that my name is misspelled above, which only matters if anyone is trying to use it to find my book, The Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing. It’s Lippincott. I make typos myself all the time myself, and I totally understand. This name I acquired most of my life ago is often misspelled!


    1. Denise Barrett Olson

      Sharon, I am so sorry and totally embarrassed about the spelling error. I’ve corrected this post but unfortunately it’s not possible to edit a Branch comment once it’s been sent. I have added a new comment pointing out the error and hopefully that will let everyone know which is the correct one. Thank you for being so gracious about my blunder.


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