Telling Your Own Story

I “met” Tami Koenig last week when she submitted a request to have her book, Creating Your Personal Timeline, added to the shelves at Moultrie Creek Books. It’s just the type of book I want to have in the bookstore and after visiting her Your Story Coach site, I was definitely hooked. Creating Your Personal Timeline is not a book of prompts offering writing suggestions, but rather a workbook that walks you through the process of building your own timeline. Worksheets help your document the people, places and events that are part of your life’s story. It’s from those worksheets you will build your timeline. Once your timeline is complete, you will also have collected much of the research needed to start writing your stories.

I don’t have any plans to write a memoir, but I will build my own timeline and use it for topics to write about in my journal and for articles on my family history blog. Even if I never write a single story, the completed workbook would give future generations a picture of my life and times that might not exist otherwise.

Do stop by Tami’s Story Blog and say hello. You’ll find it full of writing inspiration.

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