A New Kindle

My Kindle Paperwhite arrived yesterday. It’s a delightful improvement over my Kindle Touch. Beginning with the case, which is darker and made with a material that is more tactile so it offers a better grip, the Paperwhite is thinner yet a bit heavier. The touch screen is significantly more responsive – more to the level of my iThings. Then there’s the screen itself. WOW! The lighting is amazing. It’s easy to adjust the brightness level to suit your current reading environment. With the light turned down, the screen appears more like a standard e-Ink device, but when it’s pushed up to the maximum brightness it is gorgeous. I read for several hours last night with no eye strain. Most of the time, the brightness was set at about the 2/3s level which was very comfortable.

It will take a little time to adjust to the differences between the two devices. I kept trying to press the Home button last night – which doesn’t exist on the Paperwhite. Instead, you tap the top of the screen to display the menus. They have changed a bit too. Below you see the menu that appears on the home screen.  The menu displayed within a book includes a second row for adjusting fonts, navigating the book and sharing content.


The main screen’s book list has been replaced with book covers. It will take a bit more effort to scroll through a large library, but I find the covers much more enjoyable than a list of titles. Browsing for books online remains a challenge. The bookstore’s screen design has improved, but it’s almost impossible to wander through such a massive selection of books even on my large computer screen. I take advantage of Amazon’s Wish List feature to capture books that catch my eye. It would be nice if a link to my Wish List was included on the main store front page.

I haven’t yet experimented with the 3G functionality of the device. It will get tested today at my office. If it can communicate in that black hole of a building where I work, it will truly be an amazing device.

My Kindle Touch has been a wonderful reading tool and I’m looking forward to enjoying the improvements included in this new Paperwhite. These little readers put a library into my hands that I can take anywhere. With it, I’ve got both entertainment and an impressive reference library with me wherever I want to take it.

Image courtesy of the Kindle Support site.

2 thoughts on “A New Kindle

  1. William Flowers

    How is your Paperwhite regarding the shadow issues on the lower part of the screen? There appears to be some variability between samples. I’m curious if you have one that has minimal issues.



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