Remodeling at Moultrie Creek

You may have noticed some changes with the Moultrie Creek blogs. What you’ve seen is an on-going design experiment, but there’s also been a major structural change taking place. As of yesterday, all the Moultrie Creek blogs have been pulled into a multi-site edition of WordPress. This means that I only have one installation of WordPress and one database running my four Moultrie Creek sites. The biggest benefit is it will reduce the amount of time I spend maintaining WordPress and the many plugins I’ve got installed so I can spend more time blogging. It also means I log in once and can then easily move back and forth between my blogs.

It’s not all hearts and flowers, however. Managing themes and plugins takes a bit more effort and not all plugins work within a multi-site environment. Fortunately, all my favorite plugins are doing well. I’m happy with the Gazette’s theme but still experimenting on the other sites so if things go all weird all of a sudden, you’ll know why.

Migrating multiple standalone sites into a multi-site environment has been a challenge. WordPress’s export/import feature works beautifully, but graphics in a multi-site blog are organized in a different structure. That’s a problem because existing posts are still pointing to the image’s old location. With more than 1,000 posts in the Gazette alone, I was not going to manually update each one to adjust the links to their images. Instead, I built a folder that matched the old location and dumped all my images there. New posts will put their images within the new structure. It’s not the best solution, but it works.

There’s still lots of work to be done. I’ll keep playing with themes until I find the right one for each of the blogs. There are also a couple of new projects I’m considering but they are a long way from becoming a reality.

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