Capture the Family at Thanksgiving

Are you planning a big family dinner this Thanksgiving? Here are some easy and affordable ideas to take advantage of the family history opportunities these holiday get-togethers provide to capture the many special moments they generate.

  • The new Givit platform makes it easy to capture and share video clips using either an iOS or Android device.
  • iOS users can take advantage of the Blurb mobile app to build and share stories that combine photos with video and audio clips to create a story that can then be posted at Blurb’s site .
  • Have you built your family news site at Posterous? Updating your site with news and video clips is as easy as sending an email. Make sure your site’s address is in your phone’s address book before the festivities get started.
  • Evernote offers an audio note feature which can be a quick, easy and unobtrusive way to capture those great stories that are often told at family gatherings.
  • Take lots of photos and video clips of the event and use your presentation graphics app (PowerPoint, Keynote, Presentations or Impress) to build a multimedia scrapbook of the event.

Thanksgiving combines two of my favorite things – family and great food – into a delightful holiday. My cousin is hosting this year so once my dishes are cooked and delivered, I can devote the rest of the day to visiting with family members. And, thanks to the opportunities my iPhone offers to capture the sights and sounds of this holiday, we’ll be able to share it not only with those who can’t be with us but also with future generations.

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