Flickr – Affordable Photo Protection

I’ve spent most of my morning getting acquainted with one of my Christmas presents – the Aperture photo editing app [Mac – $79.99]. This app is to iPhoto what Photoshop is to Photoshop Elements. It’s going to take some time to master its many capabilities.

Today’s lessons involved importing photos into the organizer, updating metadata and then uploading copies to my account at Flickr. We had a big family Christmas this year and I’ve got lots of photos of the festivities so archiving copies at Flickr is a priority. It only took minutes to batch edit the metadata for pictures from four different events and set them up for uploading. While I was waiting for the uploads to finish, I wandered around my Flickr account. I was surprised to discover I have uploaded almost 6,000 pictures to Flickr since I became a Pro member in 2006. And, more than 90% of them are recent photos. I haven’t uploaded that many scanned photos – yet.

A Flickr Pro account costs me $24.95/year. There’s no limit to the number of photos I can upload and I can upload videos (max 90 seconds and/or 500MB) too. Flickr provides online tools to organize my collection as well as tools to add metadata to those photos. There are a huge number of apps – desktop and mobile – to make it easy to upload from anywhere. And, there are all kinds of apps to make viewing those photos a delightful experience.

If that’s all it did, it would be well worth the price. But there’s more. Flickr is also a very social platform. Flickr’s group feature is a great way for people to share photos. There are thousands of groups based on topics ranging from places and subjects to events and even people. If you’re interested in cemeteries, you can pick from more than 6,500 groups sharing your interest. On a smaller scale, a private group could be created for a family event giving the family photographers a place to share their pics with all who attended.

I love Flickr for these reasons and many others, but overriding them all is the fact that almost 6,000 of my photos are safe from any disaster that should happen to my home or my computer. Living in a hurricane zone makes off-site storage a high priority.

Now to get the historical photos scanned and uploaded too!

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