Kindle Desktop Reader Tip

I just discovered yet another reason to have the free Kindle Desktop Reader app installed on your computer. I’m working on some articles on Scrivener and I had one of my Scrivener books open in the desktop reader. I wanted to copy a bit of information into my article notes in Evernote so I used the book’s copy command to copy the text as you see in the example below.

Copying some text from a book in Kindle’s desktop reader for the Mac.

The surprise came when I pasted that text into an Evernote note. Not only did I get the text I had copied, I also got a nice little citation describing the source. Love it!

Text copied to an Evernote note.

Although I don’t use the desktop reader to do any serious reading, it is very handy when I am writing and frequently need to refer to one of my tech or reference books. And, it’s now become a handy way to pull notes from a reference book so I can organize them in an Evernote notebook.

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