Found at Scribd

It’s not hard to get lost is Scribd. I recently spent time wandering the site and found these fascinating goodies.

Minnesota Historical Society Online Collection

The society continues to add to its online document collection at Scribd. Collection includes maps, diary transcriptions and other publications.

The Story of Pearl Bennett

If you’re looking for inspiration for your family history project, you’ll find lots of ideas in Pearl’s story. It’s a beautiful book and a delightful read.

The Sawyer Family of Smithville, Texas

A family history by Martha Ann Sawyer Peveto published at Scribd.

Cathe Holden Graphics

Cathe gives away all kinds of delightful graphics through her Scribd site. If you’re looking for vintage designs to support your family history project, check out Cathe’s work.

Prologue Magazine from the National Archives

The National Archives offers a digital version of its quarterly Prologue magazine for sale at Scribd. ($2.99/issue)

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