Scrapshot – Pirate Gold

pirate gold

This is one of the toughest layouts I’ve created. My first thought was to have the text flow contained within the dirt road, but Keynote doesn’t do lop-sided text boxes. The photo was very busy so I converted it into a painting and toned the color down to something a bit more monochromatic. That helped. It also gives it a ghostly look – perfect for the story’s topic. Adding a solid color shape behind the text box also helped – even after turning the opacity down so that it’s almost invisible. Adding a blurred “frame” to the edge of the shape makes it even less obvious. The text is still too small, but it was the only way I could keep all that text on that page. Using white text with a shadow helps it pop off the page.

2 thoughts on “Scrapshot – Pirate Gold

  1. Hey, loved the post and the idea behind it!
    I just wanted to make you aware that you CAN put text into a variety of shapes in Keynote.
    Here is the help page that will give you more detail.

    And here is an example that I made quickly to show you what that might look like.

    As you can see, it works even if you want to follow a shape that curves. Do this by using the pen tool under the shapes pulldown.


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