Newsreader Update

It looks like Feedly is the news-reading service to beat with more than 3 million users joining the service since Google announced it was shutting down Reader. If you create an account with Feedly prior to the July 1st shutdown, your subscriptions will be automatically migrated to Feedly. They have been busy updating their mobile apps to add more sharing capability and have plans to offer a premium service in the future.

For Mac users, the Reeder for Mac and Reeder for iPad apps are now free. The Reeder for iPhone version already supports services other than Google Reader and developer, Silvio Rizzi, is working to update the others. The Reeder apps offer an amazing number of sharing services and is quickly convincing me that the app route is the way to go for news. There is no web-based version of Reeder.

Pulse has added a Google Reader importer allowing you to import your feeds to Pulse.

Flipboard users will have their Google Reader subscriptions automatically saved in Flipboard. They have recently released their magazines feature  – allowing all of us to become magazine publishers. In addition, there’s a new feature for mobile users that allow them to customize settings which can limit content download when you’re away from Wi-Fi connections. There is no web-based version of Flipboard either.

We’re seeing a lot of innovation happening as a result of Google Reader’s shut down. While it’s causing some grief and irritation in the short run, I think we’re going to soon be enjoying some awesome alternatives in the near future. Competition always spurs innovation.

One thought on “Newsreader Update

  1. Good point about competition spurring innovation, Denise! I guess no pain, no gain…

    I did take a longer look at the fine print for Flipboard, and it gives me cause to pause and consider. I like the idea of being enabled to become a magazine publisher, but much like the dilemma at Pinterest, Flipboard holds the user responsible for his or her own misappropriation of copyrighted material–all the while making it so fun and easy to engage in such acts.


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