Build a Flipboard Magazine

If you aren’t already familiar with Flipboard, it’s an amazing app for your iOS or Android tablet that will turn all kinds of news feeds into a beautiful magazine-style reading experience. You will find a huge selection of fascinating news sources ready and waiting for you to choose from or you can create your own custom news service by connecting to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google+ and many other social networks to follow their latest updates.

Sample Flipboard magazine
The DIGITAL Storytelling magazine on Flipboard.

A recent Flipboard app update gives every Flipboard user the ability to create and share their own magazine on Flipboard. It lets you collect content from across the Web and organize it within your magazine’s news stream. This is not a magazine that’s “published” one issue at a time. Instead, this is a streaming magazine that is constantly being updated with the content you select. Here’s how you can build your own magazine in Flipboard using your iPad.

The bookmarklet mentioned in the video, as well as a Chrome extension, can be found on the Flipboard support page for magazines. Now here’s the video showing Android users how to create magazines.

But that’s not all! Flipboard just released a web-based magazine editor that gives you even more control over your magazines. It lets you edit the magazine’s profile, change the cover page, rearrange the order of articles collected in the magazine by dragging and dropping them, and even delete articles you don’t like. You’ll find the editor at and once you’ve logged in using your Flipboard account, you’ll be ready to work. This video gives you a tour of the editor and how you can use it.

My magazine focuses on my favorite topic – DIGITAL Storytelling. I’ve found several other genealogy topics which you’ll find in the gallery display below. The easiest way to find these magazines is to use the search bar on your Flipboard home screen and search for the title or topic that interests you. As you already know, the genealogy community is creating a massive amount of online content. Flipboard magazines give us the opportunity to build focused magazines covering all kinds of genealogy topics like archives, apps, photo restoration, preservation, research . . . Not only would it make it easier for readers to get information on a specific topic, it would give the content creators additional, well-deserved attention.

This could get real interesting real soon!

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