Thoughts on Google +

I am fascinated with the possibilities that Google + and Hangouts offer the genealogy community. And, with the new mobile apps things are getting even better. Hangouts gives us all the flexibility of Apple’s FaceTime but without the only-Apple-devices limitations. I am especially fascinated with the Communities feature and the potential they offer. Pat and Russ are the pioneers in this area with the DearMYRTLE community. There’s a lot to be learned from their examples – and their always informative Hangouts on Air.

I’ve noticed a RootsMagic Users community along with communities for African-American Genealogy, Cemetery Photography, Evidentia users and Civil War Research. I find these focused communities much more interesting than the generic genealogy or family history ones. Right now I belong to the Evernote community which is very informative, but I have to wade through a lot of things that don’t apply to my use of Evernote to find each nugget I can use. Having an Evernote in Genealogy community would put the focus closer to my needs while still being broad enough to cover any number of genealogical uses. So I built it.

If you’re using Evernote as a research tool, I hope you will join us at Evernote in Genealogy and share your experiences, tips and best practices.

I’m also looking forward to discovering even more topic-focused communities in genealogy and family history. This could get very interesting (and useful) very quickly.



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