Journaling Your Past

We’ve all heard the quote, “Write your past for your future.” I’ve been using my Day One journal apps to capture memories along with the current events and notes related to my world.  Day One has both Mac and iOS versions of the app – all sharing the same cloud-based storage. This makes it easy for me to use my iPhone to photograph a ticket stub or brochure to go along with the related story.

All of the senses are involved in family history. The way things sound, feel, even a change in the weather helps lead you back.

~ D. G. Fulford, One Memory at a Time

My favorite inspiration is an old photo, but there are always those flash-back moments when an old song or a familiar scent brings an associated memory to mind. Having those journaling apps nearby – my iPad or iPhone is almost always within reach – makes it easy to at least jot down a couple of words before that memory fades. The rest of the story can be expanded later.

Do you have a system for capturing the stories from your past? What inspires your memories?

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