Vacation Stories

The latest newsletter from Saving Memories Forever had a great idea for keeping the kids occupied while you’re on the road this vacation season. Turn them into reporters and have them submit updates from the trip. My grandkids all have iPod Touches which would be perfect for this kind of project, but you could use your iPhone or Android phone to capture the recordings and photographs using the free Saving Memories apps. The the premium subscription ($3.99/month or $40/year) is quite affordable and gives each family member their own storyteller account (or byline in reporter terms) with their own photo. Each can use the app to record audio news stories with supporting photographs throughout the trip. If your kids are using iPod Touches, you don’t always have access to Wi-Fi at hotels and campgrounds.  In that case, stop by a local public library so those stories can be uploaded to your Saving Memories account. Library Wi-Fi is generally safer than other public Wi-Fi locations.

This is a great way to get your children interested in family history and challenging them to observe, research and document the sites and experiences of a vacation trip teaches them techniques that will useful throughout their lives. Best of all, they’ll have fun doing it.

Don’t forget to hook the grandparents up with “listener” accounts at Saving Memories. That way they can keep up with the mayhem fun from a safe distance.


8 thoughts on “Vacation Stories

  1. Linda Wilky

    I remember a trip from Kansas to Arizona when I was about junior high age. The day of the trip, my dad assigned me the chore to be the trip journalist. To this day, I don’t know why he came up with this idea – it was completely out of the blue, and out of character for Dad – but he did. I had a lot of fun doing it and it really made the time go by faster for me (did I mention I hate long car trips?). So great idea, Denise!


      1. Linda Wilky

        I think that write-up I did for the trip to Arizona is still around somewhere – maybe at my mom’s house, at least it was for years, because I remember reading it from time to time. I think there was a license plate contest involved; caricature drawings I did of my fellow car-mates; and probably the high point of the write-up was our collected family exultations upon seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, “Golly, what a gully!” and “Cripes, what a crevice!” are two I remember. It wasn’t my finest work, mind you! Haha!


  2. Linda Wilky

    Along this same idea, we took our children on a two-week trip to Europe when they were about 22, 19, and 14. Four of the five of us had cameras and took photos all during the trip. Our oldest daughter was seen during the trip to be journaling, but we had no idea what she was going to do with her journal. After we returned home, all the film was sent for developing, with free sets of duplicates ordered. The journaling daughter asked to borrow all the duplicate sets, promising to return them when she was done with them. Ten years after the trip (med school had slowed down her progress), on Christmas morning, she presented the family with a beautiful scrapbook of the trip, which included her journal entries; funniest comments made by family members during the trip; and photos from everyone. One of the coolest things about the photos was comparing how each person chose to photograph the same place. In the photos, you could really see the different personalities of the photographers. It was so great to get that scrapbook after all those years! We laughed till we cried as we read through it, reliving the whole trip over again. She had also digitized the scrapbook, so we each got a copy of the digital files to keep, too. A wonderful trip, and a wonderful gift!


      1. Linda Wilky

        Oh, dear! So far, I’m just saving my little family stories in MacJournal, but maybe one day I will start posting them to a blog for my kids. Have to finish many other large, unfinished projects first though – unless I finally get that staff of 50 “Me-clones” I dream of…


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