What to Expect In iOS7

ReadWriteWeb has a great recap of the new features in iOS7. I’m really looking forward to the iCloud Keychain for managing good, secure passwords. The update to the iWork apps – including a cloud version that also works on Windows devices – sounds very interesting too. It’s going to be a long wait for “the fall” to actually see it in action . . .

Apple just changed the operating system for the iPhone and iPad in a big way. Today at its World Wide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled iOS 7, a redesigned version of the software that runs its mobile devices. It is almost everything that we expected from Apple… and a little bit more.

Apple has several primary new features in iOS 7 to go along with a new design from its top developer, Jony Ive. The new iOS is sleeker and has gone “flat,” eschewing shadows and real-life objects (like notebooks and bookshelves) to give the operating system a more modern look, which is a big departure from how Apple has presented iOS in the past.

via The Essential Features To Apple’s New iOS 7 – ReadWrite.

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