An Interesting iOS7 Perspective

I’m looking forward to iOS7’s release this fall – and hope it will be early fall and not in the middle of the holiday season. Today, Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper and one of my favorite tech writers, describes why iOS7 is so impressive.

The App Store is crowded: almost every common app type is well-served by at least one or two dominant players. They’ve been able to keep their leads by evolving alongside iOS: when the OS would add a new API or icon size, developers could just add them incrementally and be done with it. Established players only became more established.

iOS 7 is different. It isn’t just a new skin: it introduces entirely new navigational and structural standards far beyond the extent of any previous UI changes. Existing apps can support iOS 7 fairly easily without looking broken, but they’ll look and feel ancient.

I have enjoyed the innovation in app design and functionality iOS has brought to technology and look forward to discovering even more apps that revolutionize how I work and relax.

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