Security Made Easy – I’m Ready!

I can’t wait to see this inaction!

iCloud Keychain: When Apple first announced iCloud Keychain, I was initially perplexed. Why add a password manager to the operating system and default browser when there are plenty of third-party applications that do this, and it isn’t among a feature users are screaming for?

Then I realized that Apple was tackling a real-world security issue by trying to make that issue simply go away for the average user. Apple certainly can’t stop the onslaught of phishing attacks. But it can add a built-in, cloud-based password manager both reduces security risks and improves the user experience. That addition enables users to use complex, site-specific passwords, and those passwords will—with no user effort—synchronize across all of their devices and be available whenever they’re needed (assuming those users use Apple products only, of course).

via Apple’s security strategy: make it invisible | Macworld.

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