News Reader Update

It’s getting to be crunch time as Google Reader’s July 1st shut down is almost upon us. If you’re still looking for news reading options, here’s a quick rundown.

  • Feedly has moved quickly to grab the RSS feed management market. They have just released Feedly Cloud, their own web-based news client, and are currently migrating users it. If you haven’t moved to Feedly Cloud yet, you’ll find the simple instructions on their blog. Once you’ve migrated via the web client, close and re-open your mobile apps to synchronize them. They have also released an API which makes it possible for other apps to connect and synchronize feeds. So far there are nine apps available for Android and Windows phones as well as the free Newsify app for iOS. 
  • Even more news reader apps have announced they will be moving to Feedly’s API. These include the Reeder apps for iOS and Mac.
  • Flipboard users who connect to Google Reader news within the app will be automatically updated to Flipboard’s alternative connection.
  • Newsblur and Feed.bin offer paid feed management subscriptions with both web-based clients and a growing number of apps offering connections to them.
  • Both Digg and AOL are building their own news reader platforms. AOL’s release is expected today with Digg releasing theirs as a public beta later this week. There’s even a rumor that Facebook is looking into some kind of news reading function.
  • Bloglines, the veteran web-based service, has gotten a make-over and added some new features.

Change can be frustrating, but it’s always nice to have options. Google Reader’s shutdown is already showing us some innovative alternatives and I expect there will be even more coming soon.

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