Phone Photography Project

I’m currently “enrolled” in The Phone Photography Project at Big Picture classes. It’s not a class or a workshop but a month-long series of daily photography challenges from a number of different people involved in the scrapbook arena. It’s only the second day and I’m delighted with the project. In addition to the photography challenges, there are also daily app reviews and other interesting handouts full of creative ideas for documenting your world. The exposure to all the designers who have created the daily challenges is just as special. I’ve already added a number of their blogs to my news reader and I’m sure there will be many more before the month is over.

They are demonstrating a number of useful and creative ways to put Instagram to use. It does have some impressive features, but there’s still that one huge terms of use issue on how it uses your photos – and personal information – that keeps me away from it. I do see that a number of their Instagram tips can be used in Flickr (my photo platform of choice) quite nicely so I’m not missing out on much there.

The Project already has me looking at my iPhone’s camera in a number of new and interesting ways and I’m quite pleased that I treated myself to it. It’s adding a lot of sparkle to my July!

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