Focus on Photography

I’m enjoying the Phone Photography Project at Big Picture Classes. It’s not a class, but rather a month-long series of daily photography challenges – each created by a different designer. Because Big Pictures Classes is all about scrapbooking, these designers are focused on capturing their families to document their lives in scrapbooks and their challenges spotlight that. It’s delightful!

While each challenge has offered a new look at capturing – and documenting – my personal world, I’ve also enjoyed “meeting” the designers who have created each challenge. Their blogs are very creative and their perspectives on the world around them are quite refreshing. Although they are just as focused on capturing their family history as we in the genealogy world are, their resulting creations express the joy of the moment more than the details. We may leave behind more facts in our creations, but they will leave more personality.

I’m looking for that sweet spot somewhere between the two.

Here is my photo from the first challenge which was to document the summer by taking photos that includes your feet yet still convey what’s going on around you. My muddy lime green garden clogs are showing off the first bloom on the black-eyed susan I had planted in a bed that had been just a tangle of green things. While my LinkedIn profile may tell you a lot about my education and professional background, a photograph like this can subtly offer a lot more insight about who I really am.

It’s quite refreshing to take on something outside my normal routine. It makes me look at things from a different angle and with different priorities. There are still plenty of days and challenges ahead in the Phone Photography Project and I’m looking forward to each and every one.

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