Day Journal for Android

Day-JournalLooks like Android users now have a journaling app that compares with Day One . . .

Enter your memories, ideas and events together with photos, audio, weather, your mood and location data to build up a history of your life. Day Journal is easy use, from fast start up through to a crisp and easy to use interface, journaling has never been easier.

Use definable categories to record family life, recipes, medical history, expenses and other job related entries and anything else you can think of.

Whether you already keep a diary or struggle to find the time, Day Journal will help you make it easier and more rewarding. With Day Journal in your pocket you can easily add to your diary on the go – wherever you are.

Day Journal keeps your memories safe. In case you lose your phone, nobody will be able to get hold of your journal because of the strong password protection, Day Journal is your secret diary.

The personal diary has built in backup and can export your data in a number of standard formats including text, Excel CSV, HTML and now DayOne formatted files.

See for yourself at Day Journal for Android – Personal Diary app for Android.

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