Take a look at Tumblr

I’ve had a somewhat dormant blog at Tumblr for several years, but when the news came out that Yahoo had purchased the platform I decided to go back and take another look. WOW!

The best way I can describe Tumblr is Twitter on steroids. Tumblr is designed for short updates – but without Twitter’s character limits. It supports including all kinds of rich media. Like Twitter, it’s a reader and conversation center as well as a content manager. Yes, you will create a “normal” blog site with your choice of design themes, but you and your followers will seldom spend much time looking at it. Tumblr’s Dashoard (web) and it’s mobile apps are more like Twitter in that you can read, reblog, comment, post and discover – all in one place.

This image gallery gives you a peek at some of Tumblr’s features. Click an image to view it full size.

So how does Tumblr fit into geneablogging? Although its editor is quite sparse and there are limited archive organization options, it could make a good ephemera blog for posting a photo or scan of an item with a description. You might use Tumblr’s bookmarklet to capture web content into a research notes blog. It’s also an easy and effective tool for curating a news blog. If you are looking for a way to get the younger members of your family interested in their ancestry, a photo/ephemera blog on Tumblr might be just the thing.

For more inspiration, take a look at these Tumblrs:


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