Build a Digital Photo Album

Families who are fortunate to inherit a lovingly-crafted photo album are truly blessed. We have any number of ways to create today’s version of those vintage family treasures. In this reprint from an article published in Shades of the Departed magazine, I demonstrated how to build a photo album that you could carry with you at all times – using your iPad.

Here’s the finished album exported to movie format and uploaded to Vimeo. Movie export is not available in the iPad version of Keynote. I synched the album file back to my desktop and used the desktop version of Keynote to do that – oh and added a bit of music too.

One thought on “Build a Digital Photo Album

  1. Denise,

    So now you really have me curious … do you have a Mac or a PC? I would love to be able to create a digital photo album and have it on my iPad for family visits. 2011 is the year I scan all of my inherited photos and need some advice as to how to group, scan and store. And there are those that I want to show and share with family.

    Advice and suggestions?



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