Evernote Tip – The Pocket Detour

Sometimes, when I’m trying to capture a how-to article on a busy web page using the Evernote Web Clipper, I’ll get a rather messy result. Things get jumbled or widgets are laid over the text. Not pretty.

I’ve found that taking a quick detour through Pocket can give me the article I want without all the interference. I just use the Pocket plugin in my browser to open the article in Pocket, then, from the Pocket app, I click the Action icon and choose the Evernote option. Pocket lets me select the notebook, assign tags and add comments before sending it on its way. And, Pocket also includes the link back to the original page in the content it sends on to Evernote.

The two extra clicks it takes to run it through Pocket save a lot of cleanup effort once the article lands in Evernote. I’m liking that!

4 thoughts on “Evernote Tip – The Pocket Detour

  1. Linda Wilky

    I never get jumbled “parts” on Evernote. I use Safari browser on a Mac. I wonder if it’s the browser that makes the difference -?


    1. I’m using Safari too. It’s only a few sites giving me problems – all commercial – and usually it’s their social media widgets causing the problems. The fancy widgets don’t work so well where there’s no web server “behind” them.


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