Conversational Tumblr

My admiration for Tumblr continues to grow. No, it doesn’t replace WordPress as long-form writing platform, but I’m finding it a more enjoyable place to hang out than Facebook or Google+. It’s more like Twitter without the 140-character limit.

Tumblr dashboard showing the reader.
Tumblr dashboard showing the reader.

Like Twitter, Tumblr is an all-in-one platform – blog and reader. From your Dashboard you can read and respond to posts from other Tumblrs, discover new blogs and post to your own. And, the mobile app gives you all those capabilities along with a builtin camera so you can easily post photographs from just about anywhere. Instead of re-tweeting, you reblog posts you find fascinating. Or, you can “like” a post by tapping the heart icon. Some themes – like the Stationery theme shown here – will even collect and display your most recent likes.

The Moultrie Telegraph
The Moultrie Telegraph using the Stationery theme. The article at the bottom of the image has been reblogged and liked posts appear in the sidebar.

Speaking of themes – there are plenty to choose from within Tumblr – both free and paid. A quick search will find even more themes. And, while those themes will take a bit more effort to install, it still isn’t difficult.

Do I see Tumblr replacing WordPress or Blogger for long-form blogging? Not even. But for those of us tired of watching our privacy rights eroding on other social networks, Tumblr could be a fun alternative.

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