Calendar Season

It’s calendar season again . . . time to pull out this year’s photos and organize them into 2014 calendar templates from any number of platforms so you can have a stack of beautiful printed calendars ready to share at Christmas. If you are so inclined to share calendars for next year, please leave me off your list. I don’t need or want a wall calendar or desk calendar of any kind. I have reached that stage in life where the best kind of calendar for me is the one that beeps at me and reminds me where I need to be or what I need to do. As a result, my computer and mobile devices have replaced printed calendars.

No, don’t look so disappointed. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create gorgeous calendars to share with your family. You might just want to re-think your definition of a calendar. Instead of a printed calendar, why not create wallpaper calendars? We all love to have beautiful home screens on our desktops, tablets and phones so why not use some of your favorite family photos – old and new – to build your own. And, you can easily distribute them each month by posting them on your family’s blog.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at the wallpapers available from Sarah Hearts. Many of the digital scrapbook designers also offer monthly calendar “stamps” or “brushes” so you don’t have to build each month’s calendar yourself. Here’s one example from paislee press.

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