ScanSnap Document Scanner

ScanSnap SV600 document scanner.

My ScanSnap S300M still works like a champ, but I’ve started saving my pennies so I can afford an SV600 when it’s time to replace my scanner.   For those you that haven’t seen the latest addition to Fujitsu’s ScanSnap line, the SV600 is a document scanner – a consumer version of the scanners used to scan books, newspapers and other big and bulky things. One thing keeping me from blowing the budget right now (or re-writing my annual plea to Santa) is the fact that the SV600 doesn’t have Mac support yet. I read today that there’s some kind of work-around, but for that kind of money I want more than a work-around. I want total functionality.

I still have plenty of photos and documents to keep my current scanner busy, but the scrapbooks, ephemera and other treasures would be much easier to scan on something like this.

Currently, Amazon is selling this jewel for $623. While still pretty high for individuals to buy, it could be a great addition to a genealogical or historical society’s research library – and a great way to digitize existing collections as well as generate revenue from members. Hmmm.

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