How to Get a PowerPoint Presentation Onto Your iPad

If you don’t already know, I’m a big fan of presentation graphics apps for scrapbooking. Keynote will do everything my scrapbooking app will do and then some. And, thanks to the iCloud version of Keynote, I can easily create and share presentations with other family members – even those who don’t have iPads. Keynote on the desktop is still the best place to create scrapbooks since both the iCloud and iPad editions have less functionality than their big sister. Then there’s that growing collection of digital graphics that’s about taken over an external hard drive . . .

So what about Windows users? Are they left in a lurch? Not at all. If you’ve got Keynote on your iPad and an iCloud account, you can use it to move your PowerPoint presentation to your iPad. And, it’s quite easy. Log into your iCloud account, then click on the Keynote icon to open the app to your presentations directory screen (which displays the presentations you’ve got saved in iCloud). Now, all you have to do is drag your PowerPoint file onto this screen and iCloud will upload it, convert it to Keynote and make it available for editing and/or presentation either in your browser or in the Keynote app on your iPad.

Remember that neither the iCloud or iPad versions of Keynote have anywhere near the features of Keynote and PowerPoint on the desktop, so it’s a good idea to keep the whistles and bells to a minimum. You are also limited in the fonts you can use to those fonts available on the iPad.

I have found that I can take advantage of this capability to create custom scrapbooks on the desktop adding background papers and graphic elements from my scrapbooking “supplies”. Then I save them in iCloud, open them in Keynote on my iPad and manipulate those elements in any number of ways from there.

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