The iPad Stylus – A New Generation

Evernote continues to develop ways to make note-taking easier. Working with stylus maker Adonit, they recently released a Bluetooth stylus called the Jot Script that works with the Penultimate app to make writing and drawing much easier. But that’s not all. The Jot Script will work with a number of other art and note-taking apps like Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, ArtStudio, PDFpen and GoodNotes. A number of other apps are being updated to use it too. This stylus is not cheap at $75, but it can be well worth the price to artists and students. Currently it’s only available via Evernote. Here’s a look.



I’ve been a fan of the Paper by FiftyThree app for the iPad ever since it was released. It’s a great place to doodle and it’s easy to move those doodles into my DayOne journaling app to give a more hand-crafted/hand-written aspect to a digital platform. Recently FiftyThree announced the release of their new Pencil stylus. This stylus has the look and feel of a carpenter’s pencil but it works via Bluetooth instead of by touch. The FiftyThree app has been updated to put this stylus to work as both a pen/pencil and as a brush. And the programming includes using your finger as a blender.

Pencil is not cheap. The graphite model is $50 and the walnut one is $60. It’s available from FiftyThree. And, right now it only works with the Paper app. See for yourself.

One thought on “The iPad Stylus – A New Generation

  1. I bought one. It is only an incremental improvement over a stylus like the Bamboo. It shuts down quickly and I find myself having to turn it on several times during a session. It is available directly from Adonit. They have a better return policy than does Evernote


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