A Scrapbook Slideshow

I’ve been working on some slideshows to present during the holidays but I wanted to include more than just photos. Actually, that’s a very simple thing to do. Using Keynote – the presentation graphics app for Mac/iOS – I can create slides that combine text, graphics and photos which I will export as images (jpeg or png) that can then be included with other photos in a custom slideshow.

There are two things to remember when combining slides and photos in a slideshow:

  • Keep the slides simple. Depending on the size of the screen used to present the slideshow, busy slides could be impossible to read.
  • Maintain a 4:3 aspect ratio for your slides (800 x 600 is a good size) so the transition from photo to slide and back will seem much smoother.

I’m using Keynote, iPhoto and Apple TV to build video slideshows with photos, slides and background music which will be displayed on the living room television during our Christmas get-together.  PowerPoint, Photoshop Elements and YouTube can work just as well.

Take a look at your tools and see how you can put them to use for your family gatherings.

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