The Tumblr Queue

Like most blog platforms, Tumblr offers the ability to schedule when a post will be published. It also takes scheduling a step further with the queue feature. The queue gives you the ability to stack your posts up in the order you want them and spread out their publishing across a period of time.

I use it quite a bit in my Genealogy101 blog – a curated blog pointing researchers to research tips and resources across the Web. Queuing allows me to schedule a period each week where I “collect” interesting articles and sites and quickly set them up to publish throughout the week. Here’s how it works . . .


When you publish a post, you have several options – including adding this post to your queue.


The Queue menu item only appears in your Dashboard once you have set up posts to be queued. When there’s nothing in your Queue, you won’t see it. Click on that menu item to display them and your queue settings. These settings allow you to define how many posts will be published each day and set a time period for publishing. As you add posts to your queue, Tumblr will schedule them according to your settings. In this example, I’m publishing no more than four posts a day between 7:00am and 9:00pm my time (Eastern). When I add a fifth post to my queue, Tumblr will schedule it for tomorrow – and so on.

If you look at the top post (Unpuzzling Your Past), you’ll notice some icons across the bottom of the post. They are included on each post listed in the queue. These icons allow me to manipulate the articles collected in my queue. Clicking the up arrow icon will send that post to the top of the queue. I can also use the crossed arrows icon to drag and drop articles to rearrange their order of publishing in the queue. Of course, I can click on the Publish icon to immediately publish any of the queued articles.


Because I’m curating sites and articles from across the Web, I spend more time with Tumblr’s bookmarklet than in the Dashboard. This image shows the Advanced screen that’s part of publishing via bookmarklet. This is where you’ll find both the publishing options and the tags function.

And, because I’m forwarding content via the bookmarklet, I’ll often capture multiple items from one site. Being able to then go to the Queue list in my Dashboard to rearrange that collected content is a definitely a plus.

Using the queue doesn’t prevent me from publishing posts immediately or scheduling posts for specific dates and times. Doing that does not impact the queued items. I can still get “breaking news” published right away while those posts in the queue will keep my blog active even when I’m not.

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