Formatting for Tablets

My family has discovered the joys of tablets – which has given me an easy and effective way to share our family stories. Thanks to platforms like Scribd and it’s associated mobile apps, along with apps like Documents by Readdle, I’m discovering that I can create some amazing publications full of text and graphics to share with my family. It’s all a matter of formatting.

My two favorite apps for these projects are Apple’s Keynote presentation app and Pages, the word-processing app. I am using the older version of Pages (v 4.3) because it has the layout capabilities not available in the version 5 app. Windows users can use Word and PowerPoint to do the same things. Keynote is my app of choice for publications heavy on photos and graphics. With it I can create scrapbooks, picture books and even photo documentaries – and all will fit comfortably on a tablet’s screen in landscape view. For text-heavy publications, I use Pages. I’ve created a template with a page size of 6″ x 8″ and ½” margins on all side. Combine that with a 12pt font size and I’ve got a very comfortable read in portrait view and a readable two-page spread in landscape view.

While most of us have used presentation and word-processing software for years, few of us use the features that will make a family history project extra special. Learning to use features such as styles, table of contents generation, image placement and metadata will take some time, but that investment will result in a better quality publication with less effort. If you have used a scrapbooking app to layer papers and graphic elements on a page, you’ll find that you can do many of those same things with your presentation software – it’s just the commands are different.

The Future of Memories at Scribd.
The Future of Memories created in Pages and published at Scribd.

Once a project is finished, it’s exported to PDF format and posted on Scribd. My family can use the free Scribd app to read it there or download it and read it with the app of their choice. Using apps like Documents [iOS -free], family members can read all kinds of files and move files between a number of popular cloud storage systems. I have also set up a shared folder to make my storybooks easily accessible to those who prefer that method.

One last note . . . Scribd is not only an impressive publication-sharing platform, it also has a bookstore and subscription service so you can make publications available for sale through it. I’ve found it a great place to publish my Moultrie Guides series of how to books. The 80% earnings per sale is very nice too.

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